Tin Tokkuri & Ochoko set

Tin ware for drinking Sake mede in Osaka.
Osaka is one of the famous production area of tin ware handcraft.
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Tin Tokkuri & Ochoko set

We selected an excellent liquor set to enjoy Sake in two persons. These are made by using Japanese traditional techniques.
It is said that tin can eliminate the unpleasant taste and make mellow the taste of the liquor.
Tin has excellent thermal conductivity and antibacterial, and it is said to be strong to rust and corrosion.
So it has been used as a bottle and cup for Sake, or as vessels to use for rituals since ancient times in Japan.

Tin Tokkurisize: H 11.0cm, 210ml
weight: 325g
material: tin

Tin Ochoko
size: φ 5.3cm, 45ml
weight: 109g
material: tin

Specification : Tin Tokkuri & Ochoko set

JPY. 21,000.
Tin Tokkuri & Ochoko set
Item No.
Tokkuri×1 Ochoko×2
Tokkuri H 11.0cm, 210ml 
Ochoko  φ 5.3cm, 45ml

Tokkuri 325g
Ochoko 109g

Order this item in JC&S online shop

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