Takeshi Furukawa

Takeshi Furukawa is a young and passionate artist of TENMOKU, which is an iron glazing method in ceramics. He pursues the infinite possibility of the TENMOKU glazing range, showing different expressions in each of his works.

1984 Born in Kyoto, Father Toshio Furukawa also a
ceramic artist A member of Japanese Industrial Arts
2005 Graduates Kyoto Prefectural Ceramists’ Technical
Institute, Department of Ceramics
2007 Ceramic exhibition 50th year founding of Kyoto
Women's University affiliated Elementary School
2010 Memorial exhibition of 50th anniversary of Fuji
2011 Ceramic Artists Exhibition at the 100th year founding
of Kyoto Women's Educational Institution
2012 Joint Exhibition (Kyoto, Daimaru)
2013 Receives the title Industrial Artist of Kyoto(Kyoto
ceramic ware, Kiyomizu ware)
First solo exhibition (TokyoNihonbashi Mitsukoshi)
2014 7th Modern Tea Ceramics Exhibition Award 111st
Kyusyu Yamaguchi Exhibition Award
2nd Ceramics Beauty Exhibition Award
100th anniversary of opening Hiyoshi Kiln, Kyoto
Shinbun Prize
3rd Soba Cup Art Exhibition, Special Prize
Solo Exhibition ( Kyoto, Rokuroku-do)

TSF101 Cup, "Kousai-muteki" (虹彩霧滴) No.1

Size: Φ 8.5cm × H 6.5cm
Weight: 100g

TSF101 Cup, "Kousai-muteki" (虹彩霧滴) No.2

Size: Φ 8.5cm × H 6.5cm
Weight: 100g

TSF101 Cup, "Kousai-muteki" (虹彩霧滴) No.3

Size: Φ 8.5cm × H 6.5cm
Weight: 100g

TSF102 Cup for Japanese white distilled liquor, "Gensho-Muteki" (炫晶霧滴) 

Size: Φ 7.5cm × H 8.3cm
Weight: 207g

TSF103 Sakazuki cup, "Genyo-Yuteki" (炫耀油滴)

Size: Φ 9.5cm × H 3.5cm
Weight: 90g


Please note as everything is handmade there may be a slight difference in each item then shown in photo.

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