Japanese Culture & Style

Japan is a land of diverse, beautiful Kata, or styles.
Kata are inherent expressions of a culture cultivated over the ages, and embody the spirit that Japanese people hold dear to this day.

A spirit of gratitude, to admire nature.
A spirit of cooperation, to have compassion for others.
A spirit of love, to cherish things.

Even if we become materially wealthy, when we remain unfulfilled, perhaps it is these values that our world needs now most of all. As residents and stewards of this Earth, it can even be said that this is what we should cherish above all else.

Japanese Culture & Style
Our hope and aim is to introduce you to this wonderful style born from Japan's traditional culture, and through it communicate the spirit of Japan to all people, wherever they are.

This concept is 'Okagesama'.

Japanese Culture&Style
Dec, 2011
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The meaning of Okagesama is to communicate feelings of gratitude. It is used when shown kindness by others, when offering prayers, when overcoming hardships, and also in daily greetings. Behind this word is the philosophy that within all things reside phenomena called Kami (spiritual elements), and that we and they are interconnected as we all live our lives.

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