Akira Shoji

Sashimono-Shi (joiner)

In Japan, there is a traditional technique in making furniture, called "Sashimono". "Sashimono" is the technique by joining pieces of wood without using any nails. Akira Shoji produces beautifully delicate furniture and tableware by using this technique. He reads the grains of the natural wood and creates deep hues by finishing them by Urushi/Japanese lacquer. He says; “I hope that user enjoys using the products in daily life”.

AS-101 OCHOKO (lacquered papier-mache)

size: Φ 6.5 cm × H 5.0 cm
weight: 40g
material: zelkova, Japanese paper

AS-102 OCHOKO (legged)

size: Φ 6.5 cm × H 6.5 cm
weight: 45g
material: zelkova

AS-103 SHIRUKO Bowl (lacquered papier-mache)

size: Φ 8.0 cm × H 8.0 cm
weight: 65g
material: zelkova, Japanese paper

AS-104 lipped bowl (white/black/red)

size: 10.5 cm × 8.0 cm × H 4.5cm
weight: 65g
material: Magnolia

AS-105 Octagon lid box

size: 11.0 cm × 11.0 cm × H 7.5 cm
weight: 200g
material: zelkova

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