Takuro Furukawa

ceramic artist

His works named "Yuuri-Hakkinnsai" (釉裏白金彩) have the beauty of the deep and bright blue, as though we are looking into the depth of the ocean.
The silver striped pattern is made by putting platinum foils one by one.
Though Takuro's father was also a ceramic artist and his teacher, Takuro pursues his father’s quest in expressing the blue in his ceramics.


1979 Born in Kyoto
Under the guidance of his father, Toshio, experiences using
platinum foil on ceramic.
Graduate from Nara Arts College Faculty of Fine Arts Ceramics
2002 Graduates Masters from Kyoto Seika University, Department of Fine Arts, Pottery
2004 Graduates with honors from Prefectural Technical School Department of Ceramics.
2005 Graduates from Kyoto City Industrial Engineers Institute, Department of Ceramics
2007 First solo exhibition, Kyoto wins first prize for Japan Traditional Crafts Kinki region Exhibition (Continuously wins to 2014)
Ceramic exhibition at 50th year founding of Kyoto Women's University affiliated Elementary School
2008 Japan Traditional Crafts Kinki region Exhibition Konosuke Matsushita Memorial Award
Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition First Prize (09,10,12,13 year award)
2009 Solo Exhibition (Kyoto)
2010 “The Seven Seven Kiln" Exhibition (Osaka)
2011 "KoromoYoshi " Exhibition (Kyoto Takashimaya Art Gallery)
2012 Kyoto Arts and Crafts Biennale Exhibition special invitation Museum of Kyoto
2013 CRIA Exhibition (Kyoto Art Center)
Contemporary Artists Ceramic Bowls (Tokyo Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi)
2014 Solo Exhibition (Kyoto)
Member of The Japan Crafts Association, Non-profit Organization


size: φ16 cm × H 26 cm
weight: 2.6kg
material: ceramics, platinum


size: φ16.5 cm × H 18 cm
weight: 850g
material: ceramics, platinum


size: φ16.5 cm × H 7 cm
weight: 200g
material: ceramics, platinum


size: φ45.5 cm × H 17.5 cm
weight: 4kg
material: ceramics, platinum


size: φ11 cm × H 25.5 cm
weight: 700g
material: ceramics, platinum

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