Ukon Geta

Geta is a kind of Japanese footware.
The base board of that is made of thin paulownia wood called "Ukon" in Japanese.
Because it has rubber sole, so you can walk quietly.
It is suitable for beginners.
These sandals go really well with jeans too.
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Ukon Geta

It is originally said that these foot wears were effective to protect the hem of kimono from treading on .
In addition, these footwear is helpful to balance our body, and can keep the straight axis of the body. It creates a relaxed state without straining.
This Geta is higher grade than usual popular Geta because the top of that is covered with the knit of the bark of the bamboo.

This is the made-to-order Geta which an expert craftsman attaches geta straps to the size of your foot one by one.

In case of choosing Japanese traditional footwear such as Geta, it is ordinary way to choose a little smaller ones than your foot size.
Your heal should be extended 2 to 3cm off the back of the wooden sole.

When you order one, please let me know the size of "A" and "B". We will send you an e-mail after get ordered.

Specification : Ukon Geta

JPY. 18,000.
Ukon Geta
Item No.
Midium 26 cm
Large 28 cm
paulownia wood
Order this item in JC&S online shop

Notes on handling Geta
1. Getas are not waterproof.
2. Please store it avoiding direct sunlight.

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