Kiyomizu Yaki

Kiyomizu Yaki or also called Kyo-Yaki is one of the traditional crafts of Kyoto.
The name Kiyomizu comes from the Kiyomizu Dera temple in the eastern side of Kyoto in the Higashiyama hills, where many ceramic artist used to live. All forms of ceramics produced in this area were generally called Kiyomizu Yaki. There are various theories on the exact origins dating back to the 5th century and the ceramic changing over time. It has flourished around the 17th century triggered by the exhibit at the Expo held in Vienna in 1873, where it established a mark in the world and also adopting the European techniques which evolved the design of the Kiyomizu Yaki.
There are no clear characteristics in color, pattern or techniques in Kiyomizu Yaki, and are more recognized by each craftsman’s design. There are more than 300 different Kyo-Yaki in existence now, mostly by individual artists or small pottery business. Of course all are handmade and can only be produced in small quantities which make each one unique and precious.

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