Wajima-nuri lacquer ware

Wajima-nuri lacquer ware Image

Wajima-nuri lacquer ware is produced in Ishikawa Prefecture, one of the most famous production center of lacquer ware in Japan.
It is said that the origin of Wajima-nuri lacquer ware goes back in the middle of Muromachi era (around 1400), and current technology has been established during the Edo era.
Because of the height of perfection and the artistic decoration skill of Wajima-nuri lacquer ware, it is given high praise worldwide.
Each product of Wajima-nuri lacquer ware is completed through more than 120 steps.
Cloth is put to reinforce the wooden material which is used as base, then many layers of Urushi lacquer, mixed with diatomaceous clay found in the region, is coated and then recoated. Thus, not only does it have solidity, but also has a very smooth feeling when touched them.

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